His breath curled slowly climbing before vanishing like a fleeting dream vanishing in the blink of an eye, eyes that now wondered to gaze on the ghostly galleon that sailed the skies slowly climbing to join the distant sisters that danced and flickered in the obsidian sky bathing the silent world in a gentle silver light. The dark pavement sparkled under its caress making the silent light twirl and spin in countless ways. Cold fingers gently brushed against his core, a subtle, silent smile tricked the corners of his ruby lips into a faint half smile. His crystal blue eyes wavered for a moment not matching the soft smile a single salty tear graced his porcelain cheek eventually falling from his icy mask of emotion.
The tear told an endless tale as it fell the shadows of a love that couldn’t be his danced in the clear sphere. The tender embraces that will never occur the secret smiles across the room showing a world of passion. Like a mirror the memories that never formed shattered digging into his heart leaving scars that could never fade. The lost hopes blinked away with his last tear. Broken chords of broken love songs echoed against the silent chasms of his soul.
The beautiful vial of death played across his fingers a cold reminder that an endless night was about to wrap itself around him and stifle the quiet murmurs of his futile heart. Slowly he lowered onto the dark bench, his final loving home. Suddenly death took him, leaving him blissfully numb the wrinkled knuckles of the invisible spirit held him in place as the ultimate lost thought wandered across his mind the glorious sun as it sat enthroned by the pearly clouds. Faithful lungs rose and fell for the last time, remembering the smell and taste of the summer air perfumed with tiny flowers. His eyes closed quietly imagining the soft curl of their hair one last time.
Then an ancient hooded figure held the body, his midnight robes blew soundlessly around them marble white hands lifted him strong arms protecting him. Under the hood a timeless face frowned quietly longing that the boy had walked along a different path, a path to happiness where he wouldn’t have to take him so soon. He moved gracefully forward kissing his forehead closing the minds eye, he watched as the light of life left him slowly, the soul that was old before it’s time moved slowly, certainly towards the ancient moon. A silvery tear slid down the figures bony cheek only glad that at least the child had not been alone at the end not really. Then like a shadow he was gone the lifeless form fell slowly to rest in an infinite slumber.



Love A Trial and a Blessing…Apparently

I will openly admit that I have never in my sixteen almost seventeen years experienced the sensation that sends people all over this planet insane sending them on strange quests to attract the opposite, or the same sex. Examples of this feeling are seen everywhere, seriously it’s everywhere. Kinda crazy actually. That’s right it’s LURRRVE…what that’s an art gallery in Paris? Okay it’s Love. Now depending on one thing you either danced around the room birds singing and Cupid firing arrows in your general direction or a rather large storm cloud is now hovering just over your head, go ahead, look up, yeah there it is.

I told you. So know your thinking, or you already know, the one reason that makes that huge difference it is a little thing called singledom. If you are in a relationship and you take long walks in a park and write secret poems for each other chances are your skipping rosey cheeked and beaming with the song oh what a beautiful morning running through your head. That’s quite enough of that, yes thank you do sit down. As a singleton when I walk through town I play a sport called boy spotting, yes it sounds awful but essentially I’m looking for someone attractive and I figure it’s my version of what some men call “pulling” although what they are pulling is beyond me, I mean pulling a girl away by force is just harsh.

So I’ve been talking to my friends about this strange beast for, about sixteen nearly seventeen years and those whom are in long term relationships think love is a nice thing, like a daisy, but those who haven’t had much luck like myself seem to think it’s more of a thorn bush in your pants i.e. unpleasant. There is however a new law in this world I discovered recently, what happens is there are high’s and lows in your love life. I am coming out of a low in a massive way, I have been waiting for somebody I like enough to consider for months, now, two turn up at once! So now, I don’t want to hurt either person but I can’t be with both of them. Thanks for that little trick universe you could of at least spread them out over a bit of time. At least I have an opportunity to be happy and make someone else happy hopefully.

P.s. If your single don’t despair there’s plenty you can do while single like me for example I eat ice cream all day nearly every day and it is great fun! So don’t despair just go with the flooooow


Day Two The train.

Today was the second day of furiously trying to remember things to blog about. Well this morning was a lot earlier and a lot more difficult because at 11:15 I had a lesson of ‘classical civilizations’ which is highly focused on ancient Greek civilization. So far in the course we have learnt that, Posheidon talksh like thish after watching the film, The Odyssey and at a Greek marriage the couple were showered with sweets, depending on what type of sweet this could be very painful. For example if they were to throw Haribo at you, it wouldn’t be painful, some are even padded those little ones with white foam on the back. However, if they were to throw hard boiled sweets at you you would end up with tiny bruises all over you and the following few days would be very painful. They also threw fruit and the same rule applies.

The second part of my day was taken up with English Literature, which for those in the know equates to information overload with several pages of notes it will take several hours to decipher at home. today was a prime example I sat for just over two hours with my mind screaming slow down you can’t take all this in before eventually giving up and just writing everything down to take it in later in more bite-size chunks. So we were about fifteen minutes from the end of the lesson and the holy hour when every guy and girl in the college looks at the clock and thinks HOME THANK GOD!! In their heads they are actually on the tables dancing to it’s raining men or tragedy or another cheesy dance track and letting it all hang out. In the real world they simply smile to themselves and fidget a bit before whispering to their friend, I hope they let us go early. For those who think that, dare to dream! I have never been let out early. Today however this nervous excitement was to be shattered by a huge klaxon sound that told everyone in the room something was wrong. At this stage I knew there were a few options, one aliens had invaded and we were all doomed which apparently is rather ridiculous two war has broken out and we are in for rationing which would not help my lack of weight at all and I’d have to eat lard to keep healthy. The third and most probable reason was, the fire alarm was going off. If you haven’t guessed it was the third and most reasonable reason that was in fact true. So we spent a few minutes standing in the fresh air discussing if there was going to be a wolf attack (private joke I will explain sometime) and then went back to the lesson. By this time it was around twenty past and we should be going home but we were running over which is when I looked at my watch. My train was at 4:30 the time was 4:24. The next minute happened in slow motion but I was probably running around like a loon to everybody else, I grabbed my bag (luckily the lesson had finished) shoved all my work in at once and dashed for the door. If you have ever run for the train you know the kind of mad panic I was in nobody else mattered in my mind, I would run over car roofs and persuade people to get out of my way in whatever way necessary such as shouting MOVE!! at random people that weren’t even in my way. This all makes me sound rather rude, I’m not I’m normally rather quiet, but I had no idea what I was doing apart from thinking TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN OH CRICKEY I’M GONNA MISS IT. So sorry to anyone I shouted move at or may have knocked as a dashed to the train station I blame the fire alarm. I arrived in time by the way, but I still wasn’t home until half past five, which sucks. That was my day apart from eating to many sweets and walking up a big hill that’s all thank you and goodnight!!


Day One I Nearly Die Due to Crazy Driving

Today I began, slowly, as my weeks are set to start with a long sleep in. This is because I only have one lesson on Mondays which is at quarter past two in the afternoon! I’m actually happy about that because I can get up at noon and what teenager doesn’t love that on a Monday. Today however I was up a little bit earlier because my brother wanted me to go into town with him, I aimed to wake up at eleven but much sighing and turning over and hitting the ever tempting snooze button I woke up, at twenty to twelve. Yah, I’m what you call a lazy person 🙂

Wow that just made me awwwwh By the way all my photo's are probably courtesy of google

So that was my morning. Afternoon basiclly started with me wondering around a supermarket looking for honey, I couldn’t find it! I imagined (stupidly apparently) that it would be with all the other sweet stuff but no honey had its section which made me really kind of confused. Not exactly hugely interesting but here comes college which is actually good to read about.

Bit of background information. My college isn’t a super high tech looking kind of place it is amazing for different reasons, it is a shrine to minimalism and modern and full of glass doors (which add humor to the day when you see someone practically run into them, I know its cruel but something require a bit of a giggle) the only thing that isn’t exactly fitting with this culture are the pods.

That's a pretty decent artists impression from the outside, you can sort of see the pods. The huge purple thing.

A better view of the pods, well the purple one, there are two orange ones that are pretty similar

So that’s what my college looks like, I really love it there, true I haven’t exactly made any friends but that is understandable since most peoples first impressions of me may well have been me and my friend getting a little too hyper active and crab walking across the library floor. I know its not a normal thing to do, by an extent of the imagination. I’m not going to say I regret it because I couldn’t stop laughing after that dare was completed.

Back to my day, I was only there for two hours! in that time I diced with death in the revolving door, which just seems dangerous to me, discussed the existence of love with my critical thinking teacher and looked like an idiot in the canteen when I apparently couldn’t read a huge sign saying “chicken wraps” yes, a asked what wraps they had.

Now onto the namesake of today’s blog, as it was a Monday me and my best friend cannot get the train home so instead her boyfriend picks us up in his car. This is fine, when he doesn’t suddenly let go of the wheel on the road and screams “STEER” I was just glad I was in the back seat, white as a sheet, but at least i wasn’t given the responsibility of steering as the only experience I have of that is as a child when you spin the wheel back and forth like a lunatic which would guarantee a crash in most cases.

Well that was my day, not hugely interesting as it consisted of seeking out honey and nearly getting killed by letting go of steering wheels and revolving doors. Hopefully something will happen tomorrow I can write about, that was Day 1 hope you enjoyed it!


How do you spend your Sunday Evening?

We all have our little things that make us happy on the night before college or school recommences for me you can’t beat sitting on your bed, with the radio on listening to good music and a blog to write. The only word I can use to describe my mood right now is contentment, if only I could spend everyday like this . So it got me thinking how do people spend their Sundays! There must be some pretty strange variations but as far as I’m concerned each to their own who am I to argue. Of course there is only one place you can find these wonderful stories, and so I headed to the home of everything…

Then I did what any normal teenager would do and started typing, opening windows closing them skimming over stories to find something I was interested in. Well I can tell you not so general public as I normally get about five views a day (which I’m impressed with actually!) that most people do ‘nothing’ then feel guilty about it because they really should have done one of the following:

  • Gone to Church or something I’m not religous myself so I’ve never really had to drag myself out of bed for it I’m rather happy to report
  • Study, it’s true 90% of all teenagers that are at college or high school or some equivalent should study on a sunday for the next weeks exams but the fact is most of us don’t because we wake up see the sun then make this noise “Urrrrrrgggghhhhh” turn over pull blankets over their head and decided they will never wake up again, because that would be better than work. (statistics from
  • Plan to conquer the world!!! MUAHAHAHAHA….what? just me? really? okay strike that from the record.

Second thing to tackle on my blogging plan today is my plan for next week, as you know i’m now at college! and you may or may not be interested in my days there, so here is the plan…*lean in guys its top secret…not like I’m putting it on the internet or anything* I am going to write about everyday sort of like a daily journal/diary entry whichever you prefer. I’m rather nervous about it as you may well end up finding out things about me I wouldn’t otherwise divulge I may also have a bad day which won’t make a great blog. So I hope you enjoyed readong and I hope you read next week!


The return of the Laptop

Recently I stopped blogging…Sorry! However there is a reason my laptop decided that, with classic timing I might add, to frazzle itself a few says after my last post. So I haven’t been able to get online to actually write my blog which, I’m sorry about and hope you can forgive me. Anyway now my laptop has returned not so gloriously it’s sat charging and updating itself and generally doing whatever laptops do when they are rebooting after a few days of not being alive.

So that’s all nice and dandy second on my agenda to catch up College has now started and wow has it kept me busy! Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing I love all my subjects and the teaching staff are all fantastic but there is a LOT of work and I have been busier than ever with essays they seem to enjoy throwing at me. Honestly I haven’t made any friends which makes me sound a lonely new kid but it’s okay because I have spoken to a few people just not held a conversation long enough to properly make friends. If your going to college next year though don’t worry just wear a smile and be friendly sooner or later you’ll find a group of people that are interested in the same kind of stuff….I promise but don’t hold me to it.

Lastly and by no means least, well it is but and you can talking rubbish much? Anyway, so I need topics to blog about so what I would really love is if you commented with something you’d like to hear me ramble about! My blogging habits should hopefully be back on track and a lot better than this blog pretty soon but please please please do comment and tell me what you’d like to read about and I’ll do my best to write something you will find interesting!

Making Myself Happy

Last night I was feeling rather lonely, we have all been there it’s not fun but then again many things aren’t. This is not a blog about being miserable it is however a blog about how to get into the spirit of a party/cheering yourself up. I used to listen to sad songs when I was sad this officially doesn’t work!

My new trick is to dance. Dance like it’s the end of the world, but if it is the end of the world which is why your dancing make sure your dancing with your friends or family as it is the end of the world a group rave* would probably pass the time. Of  course the best songs are the ones that are easy to dance to, unfortunately ballads only seem to be useful for singing in the bath or shower. Which is also a great way of cheering yourself up. As in a previous post I would not recommend dancing in the bath however as this could causes a splash or three. Dancing in the shower can be a little difficult as it is usually a confined space but by all means try it. I did once all I’m saying is I got a few bruises but it was fun.

Then I realised Lady Gaga had already come up with this plan clearly. If you haven’t heard her song “Just Dance” that’s where I got this conclusion from. Essentially she says you should just dance and it’ll be okay but as with all Lady Gaga videos there are topless men dancing provocatively. That’s Gaga for you.

Also it turns out dancing is a great form of exercise which makes it a much better alternative than my usual action of sitting with about a kilogram of chocolate in my duvet watching Bridget Jones Diary. A brilliant film by the way!

It’s Time for Dictionary Corner!

Right I thought some of the words I used may not make a huge amount of sense if you don’t know what they are especially if I use them more than once. If you do know what they are you can skip this part. So if you see the star (*) and you don’t know what the word meant it follows you can ave a look here.

*Rave- Dancing like a loopy person and forgetting anyone else is there this can be performed alone or in a group although sometimes people call it a mosh pit…I think I’m not sure I’ve never asked out of embarrassment 😀


Ladies and Gentlemen I Present to You…

…What  happens in my head when I think about college starting in a week.

First of all you must understand, yes I talk to myself and argue with myself. I’m not entirely sure it’s normal in fact I’m pretty sure it isn’t but then again I never claimed to be normal..Glad we cleared that one up! Another thing, part of me still hasn’t grown up and is sort of like that weird person sat alone because whenever you speak to them they start raving about world domination.

Today someone said “Hey! We start college in one week!!” The following emotions ran through my strange little mind in order of appearance…

EXCITED! Amazing opportunity lots of new people new subjects and loads of things that could absolutely go amazingly! Suddenly I was bouncing up and down and smiling like a child in a sweet shop. As with sun rises at the end of the day night time slowly creeps in. As did the next feeling on the list.

TERROR! Pretty much the flip side of the same coin. While a few minutes ago I had been five years old at Christmas with a new train set suddenly much like Jekyll and Hyde I suddenly turned into the definition of scarily nervous teenager. It was worse than if I was about to get married which is saying something. All this because the nasty old man at the back of my mind came forwards once again as he so often does and started talking. He continued to point out that I had spots all over my face I’m like a beached whale in social situations and lots of people are seemingly intimidated by my ridiculously long legs. Then he pulled out of the recesses of my mind this image and the powerpoint of horror began.

For those of you who don’t know that is the BFG (Unimportant side note the term BFG wasn’t in my computers dictionary which is a shock because I was practically brought up on Roald Dahl books.) For those who don’t know who the BFG is, he is basically a very lanky giant with a large trumpet. So why on Earth did the mean old man bring that up on the PowerPoint of evil!?! The answer is because he was comparing my legs to him. It’s true my legs add about 5 foot to my height and however tall I am standing up sitting down I will probably be the same height as you. At this point the nasty old man had managed convince me I looked like the BFG at giant school with a serious dose of spotty skinedness which isn’t a word.

Another unrelated side note go on Youtube and type in “The BFG-Whizzpopper song” fingers crossed its the first video its should be a little animated girl next to a big glass thing. If you manage to watch that without laughing at least once then well you aren’t a fan of Roald Dahl….

…Yes it is a song about extremely powerful bottom burps that can fling you and your giant friends into the air. Don’t drink it in bed or an enclosed area anything could happen.

Back to the subject at hand the last feeling in my ridiculous chain of emotions was hope. Maybe just maybe I won’t come out the first day with tears running down my face barely able to give the train conductor the money to go home. That and I knew my subjects were interesting so if all else failed I could knuckle down and everyone can stare from afar and ask each other if I’ve looked up from my note book all day.

So essentially I have managed to write a whole blog about the BFG ridiculously powerful bottom winds and my secret desire to rule the world….right I promise next time it will be more interesting.


p.s. I haven’t had any views in so long wordpress has stopped bothering to give me site stats…


I Have a Card!

Hello there!! It’s been to long since I last gave you all a post, whoever ‘you all’ is. I probably should have written a post when I got my results, I did try but I couldn’t get any sort of flow and I only put the ones I’m happy with up on here. Before I forget this is the card I have got.

 Yes that is actually me looking very serious, it is after all a serious card. A few question arising from that photo. and here are my answers…
Why the heck are you wearing those glasses…wait do those even have lenses in?
Those my friends are the 3D (do I hear an ‘oooooo’) glasses I saw ‘Glee 3D in. Today I found them and put them on as a joke, I just forgot to take them off when I took the photo. No they don’t have any lenses so they are frames…I poked them out because, I don’t know I just sort of did okay?

              Where are you and why is it such a huge mess? 

I’m in my back room where basically we put all the stuff that hasn’t been ironed or we don’t use anymore. There’s a few old computer screens and a toaster actually so if I fancied some emergency toast and lost the ability to walk to the kitchen I could get an old toaster that is perfectly functional and get toasting. 

              Fine I’ll ask, what the heck is the card all about?

The card is for my results! Basically a few days ago I walked to my school, which has been mistaken for buckingham palace apart from the fact it is completely different and a few hundred miles away from London. Where I signed my name and got given an envelope, which is kind of ominous. Inside this ominous envelope are several pieces of paper, which make it hugely confusing trying to find your actual results. I spent about twenty minutes looking at these pieces of paper thinking…’what the pope’s bottom are my results?’

Turns out! My results were pretty good, I got an A* in english literature an A in religous studies and the rest were B’s and C’s. Which I was over the moon with! Mental note is it even possible to physically BE over the moon?

Hopefully armed with these results as I’m already into college universities will sit down and think to themselves ‘Yes this guy is rather good lets give him a place! Hazzaaah!’ although I’m pretty sure university lecturers don’t actually say Hazzaaah. If they do That is Brilliant I’ll have something to laugh at in two years time.

So tell me people! How were your results? happy with them sad about them or if you haven’t had any yet are you nervous about getting them?


The Clock is Ticking!

Back in June/July, I sat about ten hours of exams…

…now in just eight days I get my results. Never before has one little piece of paper been so important to, well pretty much my whole life. Which basically means I am panicking like a buffalo having dinner with a pride of lions. My mum and dad want me to get A’s and B’s which basically means if I don’t I shall get a lot of disappointed looks and humming in my general direction if I fail.

So what did you do before your exams you fool?

I did nothing, I should have revised like a crazy person (except that wouldn’t have been crazy it would have been the sensible thing to do, times like this I wish sensible was a word I actually understood!) Instead I sat around eating junk food and worrying about going to the cinema’s or something, I can’t even remember to be honest, which just shows how much I wasted my time.

What am I doing now?

I am sat with more cookies than any human could ever require and eating to forget I was and still am a bit of an idiot. Luckily I’m one of those people who could eat a small truck load of food and still remain reasonably thin. At one point I was severely underweight and I was almost force fed by my parents and the nurse I have to go and see for my asthma. To be fair I’m not quite over that but I promise I am eating a lot better I even eat vegetables sometimes!

More news! just before I go I have now decided to start carry a notebook around with me just in case I am walking along the street and a genius thought for a blog comes up so hopefully more blogs coming soon!

P.s. I’m back from my holiday 🙂